What stirs the strongest emotions in a viewer contemplating a masterpiece, be it an oil painting, a bronze sculpture or other work of art, is its light. Light... the indispensable element to man's survival, to the point that where there is light, there is life, knowledge, and beauty.
This said, even a distracted and inexperienced eye would have trouble overseeing the pictorial luminosity in Woolloo Farinelli's work. The artist, born in Sydney (Australia) has devoted most of her life to art and painting. Her vocation matured after a brilliant career as an art conservator and teacher at the Italian Institute "Arte Artigianato e Restauro".
Woolloo Farinelli spent her childhood traveling around the world thanks to her father's profession, and began her artistic career with a rich cultural background, which embraces first of all the concept of journey - journey intended as an expression of nomadism, which is always present in her paintings even when the main subject of the work may it be a tree or something rationally tied to reality – and, secondly, the knowledge and know-how of a conservator.
Therefore, not only the symbolic content in Woolloo Farinelli's art is important, but also the technical content, intended as the study of light - which is her strong point - and the use of color, which alone can reveal the journey that lies behind and ahead.
Light will reveal emotions by translating them into color and by defining them through the resulting contrasts. Natural Sienna, Cobalt blue, Ultramarine blue, and few other colors, who possess the longest stability in time, are used pure by the artist, in layers, in order to accentuate more and more the brightness of the pigments, the chromatic contrasts and, hence, the whole painting.
Behind this careful study of light, months and sometimes years of work are required for the completion of a single painting, and during its creation the use the artist makes of the scalpel is essential: "to bring back to the surface the underlying layers of raw colors and to increase their brightness and their sharp contrasts."
One must emphasize, however, that light isn’t only the "revealer", but it is also the means used to define the space within which to place shapes and colors, or better still it is the means used to define a slightly distorted perspective capable of rendering vague the space dimension and to conjure the symbolic idea of journey.
We can, therefore, conclude by saying that in Woolloo Farinelli's work, Light is essentially both subject and object of the work and, as such, is capable of evoking strong and contrasting emotions.

Marina Massaro
Art critic