Woolloo Farinelli

Born on September 12th, 1956, in Sydney (Australia) where her father -an Italian diplomat- was posted at the time. She spends her youth travelling around the globe.

In 1975 she obtains the French and the American High school diploma in Los Angeles, the same year she enrols in the Academy of the Fine Art of Rome; but little inclined to abandon her nomad life, for the following decade she continues to travel, gathering professional experiences. In 1987 she obtains her diploma of conservator of paintings, at the "Scuola Di Restauro" of Rome.

High school student in London, she wins the 5th place in a contest for the “Credit Lyonnais” with a medallion in gypsum. In the mid-seventies, in Los Angeles she contributes to the Italian - American magazine " Il Tricolore"as artistic director, and has her own works published. In the same city she participates in her first exhibition, patronized by Air France at the "California Museum of science and Industry". At the end of the eighties, studying conservation of painting in Italy, she is captivated by the medieval art and writes a thesis on Mozarabic painting. Some years later her interest turns to the art of Renaissance. She participates in the conservation of frescoes in Italy, among others those of the Cathedrals of Viterbo and Matera. At the beginning of the following decade she concentrates on paintings on easel, and teaches the conservation of paintings on canvas at the "Istituto Italiano Arte Artigianato e Restauro" of Rome. During those years she is also engaged in Iran in the safeguard of the murals of the Embassy of Belgium in Teheran. After four years she leaves teaching, but continues to collaborate with the school in the field of the international public relations. The need to dedicate herself to painting in its creative phase becomes primary, and at the end of the nineties she devotes all her energy to painting. In the year 2000 she was awarded by the Associazione Margutta. In 2007 she joined the artistic movement Volumism founded by Herman Normoid. She mostly exhibits in Italy but in 2010 she had a personal exhibition at German Consulate in New York. The same exhibition is now in Pretoria in the German Embassy.


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